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My Book

Rose's Repartee book cover My book is an extensively re-written and much expanded version of the four parts of 'My Story' that appear on this website. Those parts only covered my life up to 2016, but in my book I have brought my story up to date at the end of 2020.

The book, which has the title: 'Rose's Repartee', is available on Amazon books as a paperback for £10 or as an eBook for £2.99. The paperback version is 5.5 x 8.5 inches with 108 pages and includes lots of colour photos.

See the book on Amazon here

Please have a look and hopefully you might like to buy a copy and ideally leave a positive review.

The 'blurb' on the back cover of the book reads:

That’s me, Martine Rose, on the cover. The photo was taken recently as I write this in 2020 aged 81. Yes 81! Most people are surprised when they learn my age and ask me what my secret is. Well maybe you will have a clue after reading my story.

I was born male. This is not such a surprise to most people after meeting me, especially when they hear me speak. Most of my life has been defined by my overwhelming wish that I had been born female and since I finally came to terms with my transvestism, from the age of 40 I have devoted most of my life to helping others like me. But it was not until 2016, aged 76, that I fully transitioned to become a trans-woman.

The other defining characteristic about me is my often crippling shyness. It has plagued me throughout my life but I’ve tried hard to overcome this disability – and for me, I do regard it as a disability.

I have done a lot in my life, from being a structural engineer to a taxi driver, travelling much of the world with my own adventure trekking business, producing a pioneering magazine and organising events for the trans-gender community. I’ve also spent much time doing diy building work on every of the several homes I’ve had in my lifetime.

Even though I’ve led an interesting life, there has generally been one thing missing, and that is true love. My failure to find a woman (and it must be a woman) to love and share my life with has frequently been a cause of sadness for me and has occasionally made me feel suicidal. But I carry on, live in hope and try to be thankful that apart from feeling lonesome much of the time, I’ve had, and continue to have, an interesting and largely most enjoyable life.