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Martine at Sparkle Ball 2011

About Me - Martine Rose

Founder of Rose’s and Repartee magazine

I’ve always wished I had been born female and have cross-dressed since childhood but in the early days thought I was the only person in the world to have such an inexplicable urge. It was not until I was in my late thirties that I came to accept my transvestism to such an extent that I felt I wanted to help others like me. These were the days long before ‘dressing services’ have become almost commonplace, so in 1979 I set up ‘Rose’s House’ in Sheffield to provide comprehensive help and social facilities – the sort of support that I felt in need of whilst coming to terms with my own desire to cross dress. It was the success of this venture that led to the founding of Rose’s as a membership group and the introduction of Repartee magazine ten years later.

For many years, the pressure of work producing the magazine virtually single-handed was overwhelming. So I welcomed Bella Jay joining me in 1998 to look after the administration side of Rose’s and later taking over as editor of Repartee. For several years I played only a low-key background role until 2016 when we ceased publication of the printed magazine and I took on the creation and administration of as an online version of the magazine. However after only 2 years, I tired of the responsibility of maintaining that website single-handed and with other interests in my life, I decided to finally retire.

Martine after Bangkok surgery

My Love of Female Attire

I really love dressing up ‘over-the top’ in gorgeously feminine outfits, the more exotic the better. I love the opportunity to wear period costumes, particularly crinolines and those of the Victorian era, and corsets (both wearing them and seeing ladies wear them). I also have a passion for fetishy things like ultra high heels, tight skirts, and long finger nails. I like to do dress-making (when I can find the time!) and make many of my own outfits.

Transition to Full-time in 2007

During the period of semi-retirement when Bella Jay was largely responsible for the production of the printed Repartee magazine, I was finally able to realise my dream of living full-time as a woman. In 2007 I had breast implants and facial feminisation surgery in Bangkok and officially changed my name in 2014. In 2016 I had my gender reassignment surgery. However I still retain my attraction towards women rather than men and having been single most of my life, I still yearn for female companionship.

Please read 'My Story' here for a much more detailed autobiographical story of my life.